Sri Lankan manufacturer turns out revolutionary car umbrella!

A revolutionary car umbrella has been introduced to the Lankan market by the country’s premier umbrella manufacturer, Kandurata Umbrellas.

In a media announcement on Tuesday, the company said its  car umbrella is a must-have product for every vehicle owner, and it is packed with loads of plus-points which can make lives easier for its users.

The compact umbrella saves space in a car and is a perfect alternative to a large and bulky umbrella. It is a carefully designed beautiful and practical product and features a C-shape handle that leaves your hands free. “It’s smart and drip-free inward folding design is different from any other similar product keeps the dry side outwards once you fold, so you can say goodbye to messy puddles and wetness on your car’s floor,” the release said.

The umbrella is made of premium quality windproof fabrics, durable fiberglass and Nano-waterproof technology so this product is three times as waterproof as your common umbrella.

Kandurata umbrellas are designed by the masters of the trade and manufactured using the state of the art machinery at their manufacturing plants at Kadugannawa, Gampola and Nawalapitiya.
The company also manufactures mosquito nets, rain coats and socks, expanding their product range to fulfill the needs for quality goods.


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